What We Do




 “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” 

— Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

Strategic Planning

We can help you with all levels of your strategic planning needs by working with you, your Board and/or your executive team. We can help you discover and document your “why” which will be the foundation of your vision and values. We can help you define and document your ‘what’ which will lead to the call to action in your mission. We can also, create and develop your ‘how’ which will be the foundation of your strategy and tactics to achieve your goals.

Brand Development

A brand is more than just a logo and a tag line. A well-defined brand is the pivotal growth strategy for any organization. Having an integrated brand means that your members easily recognize you from the crowd of providers whether they are walking into a branch, calling you on the phone, using a mobile app or interacting with you at a community event. You have an integrated brand if your members can instantly identify who you are and why they should do business with you. Each interaction with needs to “feel” consistently like your brand every time a member or customer comes in contact with you. We’ll help you develop your brand and position your organization for growth.

“Bryn, you have been a great help in shaping our brand and honing our focus. I have great admiration for your intellect and strategic thinking.”
 Arlington Community Federal Credit Union 

Talent Acquisition and Development

We understand how important it is to have the right person driving marketing strategy and helping grow your credit union. Over the years, we’ve been part of dozens of assessments and restructuring of marketing and retail teams and have helped several marketing professionals develop. So whether you are looking to better define the roles in your marketing team or create an executive position that will integrate strategy and promote the member experience, we can help you find the right people and ensure that you have them on the right seats in the bus.

“I have been so impressed with our executive’s progress. Working with Bryn has really increased her confidence and we see the results in what is now a very strategic approach to marketing.”
 MARY HOFFMAN,  VP Human Resources
 Ardent Federal Credit Union 

Merger Planning and Communications

Mergers can be an effective growth strategy by providing access to assets, capital and expansion into a new community of members. However, mergers can also be a huge distraction that can deprive your credit union of time and resources you could be using to achieve your current strategic initiatives. We can help you take a proactive approach to mergers to help define your strategy and understand which opportunities will complement your credit union’s growth initiatives. And if you are going forth with a merger, let us help you communicate to your members and your employees — to keep them engaged and feeling valued through the process.

“Bryn’s presentation and expertise motivated our Board of Directors to think about the value of branding and she helped us clearly define our community. We now have defined criteria and a proactive strategy for who we are going to serve and how we are going to grow!”
 Washington Gas Light Federal Credit Union 

Growth Strategy

We can help you define the community you’d like to serve and then develop strategies and a plan to best serve that community. We can also help you keep your organization’s strategy and tactics focused so stakeholders aren’t tempted by the latest fad growth tactic.

“Within the first year of working with BC Consulting, we had the best membership growth in recent history and have seen significant growth in our consumer loan portfolio. Our marketing is strategic and targeted. We are continually finding more ways to be more relevant to our members and make a difference in their financial lives. We are well positioned to continue to grow and will continue our work with Bryn and her team. Thank you!”
 INA C. FITCH,  President/CEO