What We Do



 “Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Acclaimed American Poet

Tailored presentations and training seminars are some of the best ways to quickly spread your marketing or communications message to your employees, as well as instigate change and comprehension throughout an organization. BC Consulting delivers with a broad range of topics.


Brand Like The Big Boys

Developing a Strong and Recognizable Brand on a Budget

Get Your C-Legs

Living at a Strategic Level

Got The Urge To Merge?

Criteria to Consider before You Engage

How Strategic Is Your Strategy?

What it is, what is not, and why it’s important

Lending Across The Generations

Keep your message on target

Integrated Branding

The 4Ds of Integrated Branding

Maintaining The Member Experience During A Merger

First Impressions Matter

Marketing To A Newly Merged Membership

Post Merger Best Practices

The Power Of Public Relations

The Art and Science of Telling Your Story

Mastering The Metrics

Measure Your Team and Your Members

Member Onboarding

Be More than a Good First Date

The Chemistry Of Retail Delivery

How a Consistent Member Experience Drives Growth

What Attendees are Saying

“Bryn is did a great job of making content relatable, using specific examples to connect the dots and engage participants.”
— Integrated Branding session attendee

“Bryn is smart, funny and informative!”
— Member Onboarding session attendee

“Bryn is personable, approachable, articulate and gave great examples.”
— Get Your C-Legs session attendee

“Good key takeaways. Good ideas to put in immediate place. Bryn is a great presenter. She does not rely on PowerPoint. That is so important. She speaks to her audience and doesn’t read or lecture. Nice job!”
— Master the Metrics session attendee

“Interesting, usable and always timely. Great job, Bryn!”
— The Chemistry of Retail Delivery session attendee

“Bryn is an amazing presenter! She  gave us very relevant information that will be easy to take back and implement. Thanks for reinvigorating me!!”
— Brand Like the Big Boys session attendee